Hasta Septiembre

Buenas lecturas y buenas vacaciones!! En la imagen, Le Corbusier, Antonio Bonet y Josep Lluís Sert en plena canícula

Conversations; The Keys to Teaching Architecture Today

Conversations; The Keys to Teaching Architecture Today These conversations take place in the framework of the preliminary tasks of the book Cutting-edge Landscapes. This book goes beyond being a collection of student projects from Final Design Project TFG year of Esarq_UIC 2014/2015. Actually it’s a publication that aims to share an intense 11-month structured reflection … Seguir leyendo

New Opportunities for the Entropic Landscape

New Opportunities for the Entropic Landscape In contemporary terms we tend to speak of landscape. We also tend to speak of the urban. Further, in the collective imaginary of urban planners, landscape designers, geographers and architects, we tend to coincide in speaking of urban landscape, as a conceptual space where the notion of landscape and … Seguir leyendo